Architect's Offices & Studio

Chicago, Illinois

Howard N. Kaplan Architectural Photography, Inc.

Stepped piers with edge lighting combine with glass panels to immediately grab your attention. The piers then form the pattern of the carpeting and the ceiling, which are mirror images of each other.

Glass block allows the natural light from the exterior wall to be shared with the interior. The sparkle the glass block emanates makes it inviting to guests and also enhances the work environment.

Architect's Offices & Studio Photo 1 - Custom Pier, Glass Panel Entry Architect's Offices & Studio Photo 2 - Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block, Custom Carpet and Ceiling Patterns Architect's Offices & Studio Photo 3 - Pittsburgh Corning Argus, Vue Glass Block Architect's Offices & Studio Photo 4 - Custom Workstations Architect's Offices & Studio Photo 5 - Pittsburgh Corning Argus, Vue Glass Block, Custom Wood Millwork Trim
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